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Barn Owl Update

Bessie the barn owl's beauty continues to flourish. Bessie is now being encouraged to fly to the fist for food. Once trained the bird will be able to provide flying displays along with the other birds in the team. Photography by Steve Metcalf

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Star Attraction at Houghall open day

Bessie, as predicted, provided hours of entertainment and attraction at the Houghall open day Sunday 20th May . The event was a huge success with the falconry displays being a large contributing factor. Bessie's development couldn't have been timed better and the barn owl's feathers developed to full beauty in time for the [...]

By |2016-10-20T13:11:44+00:00May 22nd, 2007|Durham Falconry|Comments Off on Star Attraction at Houghall open day

Bessie takes flight

Bessie took her first flight in the house on Friday 11th May and is rapidly gaining confidence. She is now flying outside, the picture above shows her flying across the farmyard at Houghall on Sunday afternoon (13 May 2007). She is very relaxed with people and will be a real crowd puller at [...]

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Bessie Update

Bessie continues to grow and develop at the rate we are now used to. Her feathers are changing daily and as you can see she has changed a great deal within one week. Her confidence is growing as well. The picture shows her at ease standing on a field gate. She is also now [...]

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