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Bessie Update

Bessie continues to grow and develop at the rate we are now used to. Her feathers are changing daily and as you can see she has changed a great deal within one week. Her confidence is growing as well. The picture shows her at ease standing on a field gate. She is also now able to climb in and out of her custom transport box. Bessie is a joy to be with as she is happy to socialise with any of the team members. She has had her anklets fitted to her legs , these neither restrict nor hinder her development. The purpose for this is for her to become accustomed to them for training and flying equipment in the future. She is now 7 weeks old and barn owls have been known to fly from around 9 weeks. The timing of her taking to flight could be perfect for the coming open day at Houghall Farm on the 20th of May 2007. She will be working with the other birds including the Harris hawks and the hybrid falcon. More details for the Houghall open day can be found at the Houghall Blog.

Photography by Steve Metcalf

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