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Bird flu responce

Response to bird flu 2022

The winter of 2021/2022 has been challenging for all of us with new strains of covid 19 and the constant risk of lockdowns, however our birds now have a lockdown of their own with record high numbers of avian influenza (bird flu) cases this winter.

** Outbreak case summary as of 5/1/22**

In summary since the first confirmed case of this outbreak on  October 26th  2021, 77 cases of avian influenza have been confirmed in the UK:

  • England 64 cases of H5N1
  • Scotland 5 cases of H5N1
  • Wales 3 cases of H5N1
  • Northern Ireland 5 cases of H5N1

this is now the largest ever UK outbreak of avian influenza (the largest previous number of cases of avian influenza was 26 cases in 2020/2021).

**                                           **

We must follow stringent bio-security measures regarding the safety and wellbeing of our birds. Failure to protect our birds from bird flu would result in DEFRA (the governments Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs) destroying our entire collection of birds (even if only one bird became infected)

As you can imagine we are concerned for our birds and we are doing everything we can to protect them. Just as we must prevent the spread of covid 19, we have to prevent the spread of bird flu and so, we have made a very difficult decision to ground all our birds from outdoor flying until further notice.

We are still conducting indoor bookings such as school encounters, following covid 19 and bird flu safety guidelines.

What about our vouchers?

We are suspending sales of vouchers and are following a similar plan to our covid 19 lockdown plan, with all current, valid vouchers from December 24th 2021 will receive an extension to their expiry date until further notice (this extension will be referred to as “Bird flu 2022 extension”. This extension will cover the time that our birds are grounded due to bird flu restrictions.

As a small, family ran business this decision has not came lightly. We hope to reopen fully as soon as the risks of bird flu eases and we can safely fly our birds again!

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Durham Falconry Ltd.

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