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Durham Falconry is a Raptor Awards training provider

Durham Falconry is a Raptor Awards training provider that can offer their accredited courses to interested parties within the North East. The courses include awards for :

  • Keeping birds of prey
  • Training birds of prey

Specialist units are available for:

  • Bird of Prey Keepers, Falconers and Breeders
  • Pest controllers
  • Vets, Nurses and Rehabilitation Centres
  • Animal Charities
  • Wildlife and Countryside Rangers

These units can include information about birds of prey with relation to:

  • Handling
  • Accommodation
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Catching, restraining and transport
  • Legal aspects for handling and keeping birds of prey
  • Falconry furniture and equipment
  • Training and management of different species
  • Nutritional requirements

Grants may be available in special circumstances for charitable organisations. These are administered and awarded directly by Raptor Awards. To contact them for further information please click on the image below.

Raptor Awards header

Durham Falconry’s courses are ran by two highly experienced falconers who have a combined total of over 20 years working with birds of prey. We have provided training for a range of falconry centres, individuals and pest control specialists alongside offering Hawk Walks, displays and educational visits for the general public and groups. This has included work with hawks, falcons and owls. We have dealt with injured wild birds in partnership with local vets and wildlife groups, making successful releases back to the wild. In addition we have reunited lost birds of prey with their owners in partnership with the IBR.

Through our work with Raptor Awards we are looking to improve the expertise of those who work with birds of prey and to improve the health, wellbeing and welfare of the birds in their care. We are working in partnership with Raptor Awards to expand their awards suitability for use with a wider age range including school and youth groups.

Details about upcoming courses and units can be found on our Facebook page, in our news feed and will also be available on the courses page when this part of our website is launched. If you are interested in taking part in a Raptor Awards course please click here to contact us.

What is Raptor Awards?

Raptor Awards is an expert body serving the worldwide Bird of Prey Community. They specialise in the development of National and Occupational Standards for Bird of Prey keepers. Working with Professional Falconers, Raptor Veterinarians and others interested parties they devise and accredit training programmes and courses for all who wish to keep or work with Birds of Prey.

The network of training providers, assessors and instructors across the UK and internationally makes up the network of Raptor Awards members. Durham Falconry is a proud member of this network.

Click on the image below to find out more information about the Raptor Awards’ programme.

Raptor Awards training provider p1

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