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Tanfield Lea Countryside Group (TLC Group) Summer Partnership’s Funday

One of our smaller shows, but one of our favourites. We always enjoy working with the Tanfield Lea Countryside Group (TLC Group) at Tanfield Lea’s local club. Its been great to see some of our regular visitors from the local area again, including Sarah and Ron who run the TLC group.

In our photos

We have young Abbie handling Jasper the Harris Hawk, Vicki handling Bobbie the Barn Owl by our gazebo, and Sarah (from the TLC Group)enjoying catching up with her favourite bird in our team Bobbie.

Here’s some photos from some of our visitors today

if you have any photos you would like to share please email


More photos coming soon

Thanks for bringing your birds to Tanfield Lea Partnerships Funday today! Everyone enjoyed meeting them! Sarah, Secretary, Tanfield Lea Countryside group

Posted by Sarah Donnelly on Monday, 28 August 2017

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