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Tanfield Railway Haloween Ghost Train 2017

Returning for our second year to the worlds oldest working railway, on the most spooktacular weekend of the year.

There was plenty of ghosts, family’s of vampires, packs of werewolves, and other monsters all jumping off the train to meet us and our birds. Over the two nights, we had loads of fun meeting everyone and enjoying some Halloween fun ourselves. along with Music from the Ran Tanners, and food and drink from the East Tanfield Station, it was a good two nights for everyone.

Amongst all this fun we even helped in the safe return an engagement ring that was later found by one of our falconers and visitors whilst handling Bobbie our owl, and with the help of the staff and volunteers of the railway it was safely reunited with its owner. We would also like to say a big thank you to young Sean, a volunteer on the Tanfield Railway for helping us out in between the trains with our birds.



In our photos

We have young Sam the werewolf with Bobbie our barn owl who has never met a werewolf before and was rather puzzled, along with a photo of one of the many families of monsters Bobbie also got to meet.

Below we have photos of Koren the Witch (also one of our falconers) helping set up our birds.

Preparing for our first train of today at the Tanfield Railway Halloween train.

Posted by Durham Falconry on Sunday, 29 October 2017

Here’s some photos from some of our visitors today

if you have any photos you would like to share please email



More photos coming soon

Thanks Lynz Bourne  for your photo with Bobbie

Another photo of our birds this time from Joanne, as a comment on the Tanfield railway Facebook page.

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